International Shallow Water Helmet Diving Events.

To promote the enthusiasm in shallow water helmet diving for collectors as well as for potential buyers, Dutch Diving Helmets organized several International Shallow Water Helmet Diving Meetings. We choose indoor diving pool Monte Mare as our location. Monte Mare is located in Rheinbach, Germany. Monte Mare has a ten meter deep diving pool, filled with water of 28 degrees Celsius. The pool is equipped with underwater ornaments like training plateau’s,  pipes and even a shipwreck. This makes Monte Mare Europe’s best indoor diving pool, ideal for our events.

The first meeting was during December 2006. We used several diving helmets: Snead, Miller Dunn style 1, Aqua Bell, several DDH’s and a complete Siebe Gorman dress.

The second meeting was during August 2008. This time we used the same shallow water hats and instead of a Siebe, we used a “half” Russian dress.

During these two events, we also used some double hose regulators and some old rebreathers. It was great fun, thanks to the Monte Mare crew.

The third meeting is planned for summer 2010, the last weekend of august. This event will only be open for collectors or owners of diving helmets.

We have two nice DVD’s of both events. Please take a look at our DVD page for DVD’s and Photo’s.





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