Throughout the world, tourists want to join activities. And where do you find more tourists then at the waters edge? So this makes an underwater activity, especially an exciting one, very profitable. An underwater walk with the  Dutch Diving Helmet is safe, easy and comfortable, ideal for tourists without diving experience.

What can we do for you?
We can deliver a custom build underwater walk set. This varies from a single helmet, with hose and reducing valve to a number of diving helmets together with an air buffer and HP compressor. You ask, we can make it!

What do you need for a successful business?
First, knowledge of the use of diving helmets. If you’re a diving instructor already, this makes it very easy because you already know a lot of the topics. If you’re not, Dutch Diving Helmets can arrange an “on the spot instruction”.
Secondly, think about the location. The easier the entry for the participants, the easier you can monitor the activity.

Is this an activity for diving schools?
Yes, it is. The competition between diving schools is big. A new activity, focussed on tourists instead of divers, opens a whole new perspective. The general knowledge of diving instructors is an advantage and many of the used equipment is already available. Beside this, an Underwater walker is also a potential “discover scuba” diver.

What about prices?
Other competitors have rental or commission programmes. These are often very expensive and you must pay a rental price for many years.
We sell direct to the customers, we don’t have a rental programme. Our helmets last forever and the maintenance is very easy. Beside this, our helmets keep their value and will be sought after in the future as collectors item.

The price of one Dutch Diving Helmet is 3250 euro, excluding VAT and transport. The price for a complete set of 6 helmets, including L&W HP compressor, air buffer and manifold is around 50.000 euro. Please mail us for a calculation.

Experiences learn that the Underwater Walk takes about half an hour, depending on your location and business plan. A daily number of 10 persons a helmet is no exception, especially if you conduct the activity on camping’s or at the shore. An acceptable price would be around 30 euro for an activity. Even if you would have a writing-off period of one month, it is no problem!

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